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CuePilot application

There is only one version of the CuePilot application. Installing this is free.

All work in CuePilot is done in individual projects. Every project has one or more rundowns, each containing a list of acts to be performed in the specific show or production.

CuePilot project types

You can choose between three types of projects: FREE, BASIC and PRO. Using CuePilot with FREE projects is completely free. For bigger projects that require multiple users to work on the same project - or if more flexibility is needed - you can choose a BASIC project.

For professional use and high-end projects that requires automated control of vision switcher and other devices during rehearsals and production, you can choose a PRO project. This also includes the CueApp for updating the camera operators with their individual shotlists in realtime.

  • 1 user per project
  • Max 5 cameras
  • 5 GB media storage
  • Limited print
  • Online only
  • 5 users per project
  • Max 10 cameras
  • 50 GB media storage
  • Unlimited print
  • Work online and offline
  • Team chat
  • Automatic backup
€950 /month
  • 25 users per project
  • Max 48 cameras
  • 500 GB media storage
  • Unlimited print
  • Work online and offline
  • Team chat
  • Automatic backup
  • Studio Server*
  • CueApp
  • Vision switching
  • GPI control
  • Timecode reader
  • 24h support

*The PRO version requires Nexus studio server to operate in a production gallery. Nexus is connected to the vision switcher, timecode source, network, wifi, iPads, and other hardware.

Work on multiple projects

The features available are defined by the type of project that is currently loaded in CuePilot. If you are invited to work on a BASIC or PRO project that was created by another CuePilot user, you will not be charged anything at all for that project.

You can have as many CuePilot projects as you want - each with its own type - and you can easily change between working on any of your projects and instantly have the flexibility that the individual project gives you.

Upgrade a project

You can choose to upgrade your project anytime you want. Changing project type will not change the work that has already been done on the project. When BASIC or PRO projects expire, they change status back to FREE - but can be upgraded at any time. FREE projects never expire.

Create BASIC or PRO projects

For questions on how to book CuePilot and upgrade projects, please contact us.

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