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How it works

In pre-production

Record a wide shot of rehearsals, using any kind of camera (or just an iPhone). Import the video into the CuePilot application. Be creative and build the shot list in the application. The application is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. Build rundowns, arrange the acts, write notes - all this is done in CuePilot on your desktop computer.


The CuePilot interface gives you you a complete and detailed overview - from project level to individual cues

Multi-user application

CuePilot is a multi user application allowing several users to work on the same project and its acts at the same time. Users can also work offline if no internet is available, and when the user is online again, all data will be synchronised with the server - and with the other users working on the same project.

Users on the same project can also communicate with each other using the CuePilot Chat feature.


Several users can work on the same project in CuePilot - each contributing their part to the production

In the studio

The Nexus studio server will synchronise with the project and all the work will be available in the studio. During the rehearsals, it’s ease and intuitive to make adjustments and modifications. All changes will be synchronised with Nexus.


The Nexus studio server has a central role in the Production Gallery and will typically be operated by the Director

CueApp for camera crew

Each camera can use CueApp - CuePilot’s app for iOS or Android. CueApp will show countdown for each individual camera. CueApp is connected to the Nexus studio server either using wifi, or wired directly to the server. Some camera units provide network connection through the triax cable.


Camera operators can write their own notes and comments in CueApp


If you are not using CueApp in the studio (or as a supplement), shot lists can be printed for each individual camera, or grouped if one camera operator is controlling multiple cameras.


There are several print options and layouts, also combining Lyrics with shots

Technical setup

The Nexus studio server is connected to the following:

  • Vision Switcher, using 9-pin RS422 Remote Port on the switcher’s mainframe.
  • LTC timecode, XLR connector (typically from EVS, ProTools, Cubase, HD Player).
  • HD-SDI Video out, for distributing CuePilot main screen signal.
  • 4 x GPI triggers, for pyro, lights, special cams, vision switchers etc.
  • LAN Network, for internet access, and for wifi in the studio/arena.

Protocols for vision switcher

  • GVG
  • SONY

99% of all professional production switchers support one of these protocols.

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